Lady Justice is my co-pilot

I just tried to kill one of the moralists’ sacred cows–justice–over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

I was responding to Andrew Cohen’s post “What is the Point of BHL?

So you don’t have to dig through the comments, here’s what I said:

The idea of Justice is simply a veil to conceal what Nietzsche called “the will to power.” Mr. Cohen, you cannot say the statement “some are made to suffer–which is bad” is an empirical fact any more than you can say that “I cannot as a human fly, but I should be able to” is an empirical fact. The first part of your statement is a fact, the second is your metaphysical response to that fact.

Because many people lack the outright strength (or a will to exert such strength) against their oppressors (who do exist, I don’t disagree with you there), they use ideas like Justice to corral everyone into a common situation so that we are all prisoners on the infamous “even playing field.”

The differences between libertarians are negligible. In the end, Bleeding Heart Libertarians are just like any other libertarian: whether they are concerned with social justice or not, they are all moralists who wish to impose their view of the proper functioning of society on others. Never mind that bringing about such conditions and sustaining them is impossible without a willingness to use force, a notion libertarians shudder at and rightly so because it shows the movement to be self-defeating. After all, libertarianism’s central tenet is the non-aggression  principle.

German philosopher Max Stirner said: “The great are great only because we are on our knees.” If libertarians really want to smash the plutocracy that controls this country, they will not hide behind ghostly, ethereal terms like justice and equality, morality and ethics: they will step up in larger numbers than their oppressors and defeat them so that each individual is able to create and sustain what she wants for her own life.


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